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This is the place to set a teams for Main Mission and Explore, to set a Strategy Setting (useful for auto play), and to open Naval Belles Info. Four teams can be set, each team can have different need and different strategy.

Fleet Interface

Tap on Naval Belles to show Naval Belles Info. It will show overall status details (Including Union Technology and Likability Buff), Skill Name and Description, and to Exchange gear(MAT).

Naval Belles Info

Skill Window

By tapping the Exchange button it will bring to Exchange Interface.

Exchange Interface with status details

This is the place to equip or unequip gear(MAT). The status being show is pure Naval Belles status(white color) with the gear(MAT) status(green color)that had been equipped.
Each Naval Belles have a different type of gear they need for each gear slot. Recommend status basically to increase Naval Belles skill Efficiency yet players still can to do more Experiment.

Naval Belles below 5⭐️ need to be Refit to unlock each gear slot that still locked.
Requirement to unlock the gear slot:

  • Naval Belles 1⭐️ until 3⭐️ need to be Refit up until 4⭐️ to unlock the 3rd slot and 5⭐️ to unlock the 4rd.
  • Naval Belles 4⭐️ need to be Refit into 5⭐️ to unlock 4rd slot.

ps: The status being show in Exchange did not include Union Technology and Likability Buff

Temporary Team

Temporary Team is the team mostly being use for almost each game content such as Exercise, World Boss, Special Level, and some on Main Mission Special stage. Tap the team icon will bring you to temporary team slot. There is 10 slots available to be set, give a name for each slot, and strategy for each slot.

Temporary Team Interface

Temporary Team Slots Interface